No cash? No problem. From any BT Payphone

All Major Credit and Debit Cards Accepted

Credit card & Debit card Call Price List from BT Payphones

Call Destination Destination Connect Per / Min *
Inland Destinations      
Mobile Number Prefix      
075 0+N £2.00 £1.50
077 0+N £2.00 £1.50
078 0+N £2.00 £1.50
079 0+N £2.00 £1.50
Local and National Call Prefix      
0500 freephone Free Free Free
0800 & 0808 freephone 0+N Free Free
All Inland Landline Calls ** 0+N £2.00 £0.27
International Destinations      
Ireland (republic) "00+ £3.00 £3.50
Europe "00+ £3.00 £3.50
USA & Canada "00+ £3.00 £3.50
Australia / New Zealand "00+ £3.00 £3.50

All Other Countries

"00+ £3.00 £3.50

*Price per minute charge applicable from connection of the call.

**Calls to non- geographic numbers 084, 0870 and 09 are charged at inland call rate.

Calls to Directory Enquiries e.g. 118 are not available.

Calls using a Credit/debitcard – to make a call please lift the handset swipe your card through the card reader and follow the instructions. If there is no card reader please call Freephone 0800-0320023 and follow the voice prompts to complete the call.

With each attempted use of the service, your Card Issuing Bank will be contacted by us to request a pre-authorized reserve funds against your card holder account. This is not the actual call cost. If you notice this activity on your account, please be aware that you will not be billed these amounts.

For further information please call Freephone 0808-1011272 You can E-mail us at

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